Thursday, June 17, 2010

shake it like a polaroid picture.

busy bee lauren is possibly one of my fave bloggers ever.
she's hilarious, has a great sense of style, and her & her husband are freaking adorable.
anyway, she sent out a challenge to find a favorite old photograph, post it, and share it's meaning.
challenge accepted, bbl.
[these are all within the last two years cause they're the only ones on my comp. i still heart them though.]
when: july 2008, the day before my brother's wedding
where: my dad's house in carlsbad [socal]
who: gina, me, david
why: this is our reunion after my first month at college. it was so good to see them. i'd never gone that long being away from them before. plus this picture shows that i was taller than david before i came to byu. that is no longer the case.
when: the next day 
where: my brother's reception
who: me and gina
why: you can can't totally tell in this picture but we are wearing the exact same outfit. little black dress with red shoes and accessories. this was not planned. we decided to wear the same thing for the same event even after i had moved out of the house. we are truly snisters. plus i love us both laughing here.
when: august 2009
where: timpanogas temple
who: me, krystle, jen, leah
why: we had just been walking around the temple before going to visit sarahmaines and we decided to take some roomie pics of course. krystle was whipping us around and we were all dying laughing.
when: november 2009
where: park place 4
who: me and sarahmaines
why: we had just bought our awesome knee high boots and we were both really excited about them so we put them on with our pajamas and then proceeded to watch elizabethtown. with the boots still on. this picture is us trying to be gangster slash miley cyrus. word.
when: january 2010
where: park place 4
who: me, katie, sarahmaines, jen, leah
why: we were on our way to sarah's birthday dinner at olive garden and we thought it would be fun to dress up in our lbd's for it, especially since we were going to her surprise party right after. we heart taking silly roomie pics.
when: february 2010
where: spyglas 203
who: adam, me, rob, sarahmaines, matt
why: we had just straightened rob's super curly hair- which he had never done before- and it was so fun. this was our first bonding experience with 203. we took this pic and rob thought it would be hilarious to jump from behind us. silly rob. i heart your face.
when: may 2010
where: gina's graduation
who: me and gina
why: i was gina's personal photographer  and took a ton of pics of her and the fam and some friends. she was about to leave for disneyland and take her camera with all the pictures on it, including the ones of us, and i yelled out 'wait! i need one for the blog!' so we hurried and took this gem with my camera, which was definitely better than the one's on hers. and it has become one of my favorite pictures of us.


chelsea rebecca said...

i love lauren!!
and i love this challenge!
these photos are too cute.
you guys are gorg!

Krystle Forester said...

Hey hottie! Can we be friends? I need your presence, even though I'm well aware that I have to share you with many people;)

lauren nicole said...

these are awesome. love this!

Sara said...

You and your friends just look so FUN! :)