Sunday, June 20, 2010


i'd like to thank the men in my life that have been so influential - bishops, leaders, teachers, friends. you all deserve one day dedicated to all the lives you've changed, including mine.

i am also so grateful and humbled that i am lucky enough to have both a dad and stepdad who love and care for and look out for me.
dad. william. daddy. papi. mr g.
it was so fun to have you with me today on both of our special days! love you!

richard! dave. rodriguez.
thank you so much for taking care of us crazy kids and loving us so much!

here's to my grandpa griffith too, because he is just so darn cute.
love you grandpa!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Ahlin!!! You are officially out of the teens and ready to date older men responsibly. Mind you, by older men I mean older young men. Like 21 or so.

Georgina Florence said...

love the men in our lives.
happy birthday snister! love love you. see you soon.