Thursday, June 3, 2010

europa day 7

this was a busy busy day. we woke up early and went up to monmartre (moulin rouge anyone?). this was probably my favorite part of all of paris. it was so quiet and sunny and it overlooked the entire city. we ate pastries and looked at art shops, and then all the artists came out wanting to draw our pictures. it was really neat.
this is the basilica of the sacre coeur at the top of monmartre.
a lot of artists like picasso, van gogh and monet gathered in this house.
after spending the morning in monmartre, we got on the bus and drove to versailles and stayed for the afternoon. it was so beautiful and when i saw marie antoinette later i think i was able to appreciate it more.
in front of versailles.
my favorite painting of the whole trip. it's called coronation of napoleon by jacques-louis david. i love how huge and overwhelming it is (it took up an entire wall!). the detail is pretty amazing too.
the whole gang.
me and judd in front of [part of] the gardens of versailles. we be hot.
it was so pretty. check out that couple kissing on the side. awww.
we went back to paris, had some dinner and then a few of us went to the eiffel tower. unfortunately we got there too late to go to the top so we went on the middle deck (which was still pretty dang high). next time, next time...
the eiffel tower lights up every hour on the hour for ten minutes. it's done this since the millenium. it was pretty spectacular.


Tori said...

these pictures are beautiful!
i wish i were in europe!

p.s. thanks for the comment on my blog! you're exactly right: simply trusting and going is really hard to do sometimes. but it is so wonderful when you just let it happen. you feel such peace and relief knowing that you are following a plan, that there is someone out there who knows you and knows where you are going, even when you don't.

and... i really like your blog. so good job; it's great.

Mary Cee said...

wow, you're trip sounds like it was so amazing! i'm insanely jealous and can't wait to see more!