Wednesday, June 2, 2010

europa day 6

we went on a bus tour around the city and then we were dropped off at the notre dame. after visiting we walked around, ate some crepes (i'm sorry, why hadn't anyone told me about nutella before?) and then had dinner and went on a boat tour. then we drove around and saw "paris by night". i choose those lights to vegas' fo sho. sorry, lv.
the paris opera house! sadly i could not pay a visit to phantom. next time...
the arc de triomphe. suuuper cool.
yeah, i totally listened to out there from the hunchback of notre dame in front of it. i be cool.
it really is huge.
paris at night.


chelsea rebecca said...

AHH this is so awesome!!
i went in 2006.. we were basically there at the same time!!
and i love all these photos! all the memories! its so grand!!

p.s. yesterday when i came to your blog it said it had been removed and i was so sad! glad thats not the case!!

p.p.s. DOMINOS played when i arrived to your blog! I LOVE IT!!!

emily said...

wait wait what?! you had never had nutella before!!?!?! is your life completely changed for the better now?