Thursday, May 27, 2010

an ode to my snister. my bestie. my soul.

i remember that day (not really), so long ago, when you were born- one year six months and three days after me. i was waiting for you because frankly, we had a lot to get done. such as:
- wearing matching outfits 24/7
- getting confused as twins 24/7
- making up endless games such as animal wrestling
- schooling our neighbors in roller hockey and basketball
- forming a band in middle school called 'punkt'
- sharing a room for 90% of our lives
- sharing a bed for 3 months
- fighting over sharing a car for 6 months
- standing in a [nonexistent] line for the book eclipse opening day
- seeing tegan and sara in concert and never being the same
- getting separated from each other for the first time when i went to college
- showing up to trent's wedding in the exact same outfit
- going through phases of not talking for weeks at a time to talking every single day
we are still checking things on our snister to do list, like:
- sharing music slash hotties slash movies like it's nobody's business
- taking some great pics together
- going through super awkward chubs stages (do they ever end?)
- staying up late (or waking up early) and talking
- getting each other addicted to anything and everything
- arguing over who is the favorite child (i seriously am though)
- sharing the bed when i visit
- applying gilmore girls in every aspect of our lives
- gmail video chatting it up
- you writing songs and me listening to you play them
- being the personal photographer at each other's graduations
- having people mix us up. still.
there are so many things that have yet to be done:
- going somewhere awesome, just the two of us, like europa or nyc
- being university graduates
- living next to each other on the east coast
- marrying some serious hotties with great hair who will obviously be besties
- raising some crazy kids with great hair who will also be besties
- going on family vacations that will top all other family vacations
- buying super nice cars when we're old and rich
- people getting us confused even more when we both have silver hair
i love you snister. 
you are my bestie. you are my soul.
i don't know what i'm going to do when you move to virginia. probably die.
part of me is made of glass. and also, i love you. -the history of love


Lauren said...

I love all the flashbacks...
seriously like yesterday. You guys were so freaking cute.

And that last pic MUST BE framed.

That was truly special.

Mary Cee said...

you two are adorable and i love how close you are! my sister and i had almost those same blue sunflower hats when we were around that age! congratulations to your sister! :]

Anonymous said...

awww..You girls are so pretty. You look like twins in most of the pictures!!!
Just beautiful


Mrs. Richards said...

Oh ahlin this is so cute! Aren't sisters the best? Love.

Rachel said...

ummm..yes I'm currently stalking your blog. The last picture is GORGEOUS. You two are hot. But you already know that :)