Tuesday, May 18, 2010

milky milk

on a scale from one to ten...
how bad is it that i'm still trying to finish this off?


chelsea rebecca said...

i can't look at the milk..
because i'm distracted by the GIANT MONEY SAVING BAG OF CEREAL!!!
seriously those 10 pounder bags are MY FAVE!! haha too funny. and chip mates?? even better!!

oh and yeah i totally drink milk past the date as long as it doesn't smell weird or have crap all up in it!

Rob said...

yeah it's all about the smell and taste

Katherine said...

Notice that it says "SELL by" not "USE by" -- (Just my .02)

And I completely agree with above comments-- it's all about the smell and taste. Keep it well-refrigerated!

Brittany said...

i looooove cold milk. so much.